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What-is-Carbon-Monoxide CO-Quote-1
Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a silent Killer.

You can't see it, smell it or taste it.

CO is a by-product of burning combustible material, such as coal, oil, wood and gas.

It's a poisonous gas that if breathed in suffocates the victim as it replaces the oxygen in the blood.

CO is a gas that can pass through gaps in-between door fittings and floor boards, through carpets and even drywall.

The effects of CO poisoning looks similar to flu – with symptoms like headaches, nausea and fatigue. Small leaks can leave lasting damage on a person's lungs, heart and brain if exposed over long periods of time. In bad CO leaks a person can be left unconscious and dying within minutes.
Where-does-CO-come-from CO-Diagram-1
CO is a by-product of the fuel burning processes in household appliances – cookers, boilers, wood burners, and open fires are all potential sources of CO.

Even if the appliances are set up properly you can still get problems like the ones shown. So, if you have any fuel burning appliances – fit a CO alarm!

Even if you don't have a fuel burning appliance, the property next door may. CO can leak through walls – fit a CO alarm!

Do-I-need-CO-alarms-if-the-boiler-is-serviced-annually CO-Diagram-2
Boilers run constantly, so could develop a problem at any time. Just because a boiler is working correctly at the time of service, it doesn't mean a problem can't happen later.

Vents and flues can block, crack or corrode at any time leaving holes large enough for CO to leak out of. CO leaks can even come from a faulty appliance in your neighbour's property.

Fit a CO alarm in the room your boiler is in and the rooms with a flue running through or alongside – this is the only way you can make sure a CO leak will be detected.

Do-I-need-CO-alarms-if-the-boiler-is-room-sealed CO-Diagram-2-39
A "Room Sealed" boiler pulls air into its casing to burn fuel then pushes the used air back outside. This means that if the boiler is working properly then no fumes will escape into the room. But, joints can corrode or crack in all types of boilers – leaving holes big enough for CO to get through.

Fit a CO alarm in the room with the boiler in – this is the only way you can make sure a CO leak will be detected.

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Here is your chance to win one of five Ei208 Battery CO Alarms.

About the Ei208 Battery CO Alarm:

The Ei208 is a standalone Battery CO Alarm with sealed in lithium batteries that last the life of the alarm.

It has a 5 year Guarantee and is 3rd Part Accredited by BSI.

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