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Aico TV – Episode 13

Uploaded: 3 June, 202101:13:43

Welcome to Episode 13 of Aico TV! This week, we begin with HomeLINK’s Luke Loveridge and Regional Specification Manager (RSM), David Cunningham, who discuss HomeLINK’s latest project in Greenwich. Later in the session, David joins Adam Taylor-Drake from HomeLINK; they visit the Flamsteed project. Meanwhile Luke speaks to Sarah Butler, EU Sharing Cities Project Manager for the Royal Borough of Greenwich. Next, we return to Part 2 of the CIH Ideas Lab with RSM, Tony Boyle and guest speakers; this time the group discuss resident safety, sprinklers and building regulations. Lastly, our RSMs Steve Bulley and David Richmond return to the studio to discuss how users can get the most out of Process Mapping.

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