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Aico TV – Episode 16

Uploaded: 24 June, 202100:54:40

Welcome to Episode 16 of Aico TV. We begin the episode with our Community Liaison, Jane Pritchard, who is joined by Helen Knight and Lizzy Coleman from Lingen Davies Cancer Fund; they discuss the charity and its background, the impact of the pandemic and upcoming fundraisers. Next, our National Technical Manager, Andy Speake, welcomes Ian Moore, CEO of the Fire Industry Association (FIA). Ian explains his role within the FIA, explores the changing landscape of the industry, and what to expect in the future. For the last segment of the episode, we join Operations Manager, Lee Duffy, Product Development Manager, Michael Wright and Founder of Adrenaline Sporting Events, Alan Lewis. After recently completing the EIC’s virtual Race Across Europe, the trio discuss their experience, the challenges they faced, how much they raised, and upcoming sporting events.

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