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What is an Aico RSM?

13 July 2020

My name is Krys Wallace and I have been the Aico RSM (Regional Specification Manager) for Scotland North since March 2018. I was first introduced to Aico as a Construction Services Manager when working at a Scottish based developer delivering high quality Local Authority housing.

What you are likely aware of is Aico’s reputation as the UK market leader delivering high quality Heat/Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarms. What you may not be aware of is everything behind the scenes. Aico are not just a manufacturer of great products, we are a dedicated team that support our industries and communities through our CSR programme as well as our relationships and partnerships with the Electrical Industries Charity, Inside Housing, SELECT, and many more, to champion education, quality, service and innovation in home life safety.


Career Background

Prior to joining the Aico team, I spent 15 years working in building service design, including ventilation and sprinkler systems, as well as 3 years in construction and I am a qualified electrician.

My career background has provided me with a myriad of skills that transfer really well to my role as an Aico RSM; I have a great understanding of Building Regulations and Standards, construction processes including specification, design and installation, as well as the interfacing of systems with Aico products. My training and assessment qualifications are also useful when delivering our award-winning Expert Installer Training.


 The Role of an Aico RSM  

The role of an Aico RSM is, first and foremost, to support our clients. For housing providers this could include updates on regulation and standard changes, identifying training needs for staff and providing that training, assistance in writing specifications across a multitude of property stock and ensuring that these are followed by both contractors and subcontractors alike. We work with contractors to provide updates, training and site support and support wholesalers with new technologies and regulation changes affecting stock holdings.


A Typical Day

08:30 – Meet with a housing provider to review current specification, discuss project progress, identify training needs and contractor update requirements.

10:30 – Contractor meeting to discuss product availability, site/programme start dates, run through installation specifics and review specification prior to works starting on site.

13:00 – On-site contractor meeting to talk through client specific requirements and training update on the siting and installation of alarms.

16:00 – Telephone meetings with wholesalers to confirm supply chain and provide product update as well as discuss clientele.


By Krys

Krys Wallace

Krys enjoys running, cycling and property renovation.