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Create an Alarm System

Alarm Design Support from Aico

Aico have been helping Housing Specifier’s create systems for over 25 years. Our experienced team are able to advise on all aspects of  design, from creating a bespoke alarm system to individual project support and training for installation teams.

Our Regional Specification Managers specialise in helping our customers to create suitable Fire and Carbon Monoxide alarm systems, ensuring that occupants are safe within their homes. Over the last 25 years they have helped support projects including typical two story properties, HMO’s, communal flats and assisted living communities. Not only this but they can help you plan replacement programmes and help to integrate Aico domestic alarm systems with other external lifesaving devices, such as Fire Panels, Telecare and Warden Call devices and sprinkler systems.

If you need help designing a Fire and/or Carbon Monoxide system for a project you are working on please contact your local Regional Specification Manager or email

Factors to consider when creating an effective domestic alarm system

  • What alarms and coverage are stated in the standards & regulations in your region?
  • The type of alarm most suitable for a particular dwelling?
  • How many alarms are required and where should they be installed?
  • Which is the best sensor type for different rooms or areas of the dwelling?
  • Will the alarms need to be integrated with other safety systems within the property?
  • Does the occupant have any special circumstances that may require special equipment – eg a deaf or hearing impaired resident?
  • How will you test and commission the system?

Our team will be able to guide you through the process and ensure that you have all the support you need.

We also have the Expert Installer scheme for Contractors – this is a free training programme that takes installers through the whole process, ensuring that once you have selected the right alarms, they are then installed correctly. Use our search tool to find an Expert Installer near you or apply for training.

Find the right alarm for you with our Alarm Selector tool.

Multi-Sensor Fire Alarm Ei2110e

Multi-Sensor Fire Alarm Ei2110e – for total fire response