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TAI 2020 (CIH)

22-09-2020 to 24-09-2020

Virtual Summit

This year has forced us to overcome and address many challenges, but some are still there, having a profound impact on our society.

Thousands don’t have a safe place to call home due to a shortage of social housing, a lack of the right support to maintain tenancies and a welfare system that leaves significant gaps in the protection offered.


We need more social and affordable homes to meet everyone’s housing needs, but how can we bring balance back to our broken housing system and adapt to the new normal brought on by COVID-19?

TAI 2020 will take a look at how together, we can restore balance, ensuring that regardless of what people’s aspirations may be, everyone can find themselves a high quality, affordable home, connected to their communities and the services that matter most to them.


We’ll explore new ways of working, new approaches to housing and what we’ve learned together from the challenges we’ve faced during the coronavirus pandemic.


You’ll find sessions covering housing practice – from the latest in cutting-edge housing development to growing the voice of tenants at the centre of the sector’s work.

TAI 2020 is a crucial opportunity for all housing professionals to bring together their expertise, insight and innovation to explore how we deliver a better housing future for Wales.

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