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How do I replace my alarms?

A step by step guide

This step by step guide will show you how to replace and remove the existing alarm heads in a property. If you have an easi-fit base fitted, all you need to do is replace the alarm as there is no need to remove or re-wire the base. Why not visit our Where to buy section on the website to find your nearest stockist.

  1. Turn the mains power to the alarms off in the property and ensure the green indicator light on the alarm is off
  2. Locate the flattened ‘T’ shaped slot on the side of the alarm, there will be a sticker and arrow pointing towards it saying ‘insert screwdriver to remove’


Alarm Maintenance - Battery Changing & Replace


  1. Insert a small flat headed screwdriver into the slot, and at the same time, slide the head of the alarm away from the screwdriver
  2. The alarm will then come down in your hand, you can then see the exact model number
Alarm Maintenance - Age & Replace


  1. Now to replace the alarm, align the unit up with the base plate and slide it into place. You should hear a slight clicking sound when it is in place
  2. Turn the mains power back on and make sure the green indicator light on the alarm is back on
  3. Now test the alarm by pressing and holding the test button on the front of the unit. The unit should make an alarm sound and also activate any other alarms in the property


Alarm Maintenance - Testing & Alarm Fault & Replace

All Aico mains powered smoke and heat alarms will fit on the easi-fit bases including the Multi-Sensor Fire Alarm Ei2110e160e Series and 140RC Series, making it easier and quicker for new alarms to be installed.

If you are not able or comfortable replacing your alarm yourself use an Aico Expert Installer – these are Contractors that have been trained by us in the selection and installation of Aico products. You can find your nearest Expert Installer through our website search.