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Alarm Control – get the most out of your alarm system

Alarm Control is important if you have multiple alarms around a property . This becomes even more important when you have a mixture of Smoke, Heat and Carbon Monoxide.




One of the easiest ways to perform your weekly alarm test is with an Alarm Controller. By pressing the ‘Test’ button on the controller, all the alarms within the property will sound at once. This is a much quicker way of testing all the alarms, than walking around pressing all the individual unit test buttons.




If all the alarms within the property are sounding – pressing the ‘Locate’ will silence all the alarms apart from the one that has triggered the alarm system. This maybe helpful when you are dealing with a silent and invisible danger like Carbon Monoxide.




If the alarm that activated has been located and there is no fire, ‘Silence’ will silence the alarms. If it is a Carbon Monoxide leak that has triggered the alarms this function will not work, as it would be incredibly dangerous.

It is also stated in the British Standard BS 5839-6:2019+A1:2020 that you should be able to silence alarms standing at floor level, an alarm controller would allow you to do this.


Identifying the Danger


When you have a Fire within a property you need to close all the doors and windows, when you have a Carbon monoxide leak you need to open them – this means it’s important for you to be able to tell what kind of alarm has activated and which course of action you should take. The Alarm Controller Ei450 displays clear LED icons that instantly identify the type of danger that has caused the activation.

We have a range of Alarm Controllers available including the Ei450 – this Alarm Controller uses RadioLINK and a sealed in 10 year Lithium cell for a completely wire free installation or the Ei1529RC for mains powered and hard-wired interconnection installation.