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Are you missing the connection? Alarm Integration could be the answer

Most properties now have fire and Carbon Monoxide alarms fitted – but in most situations these domestic systems are not connected with other life saving devices throughout a property.

This may include telecare/warden call systems, commercial fire panels and fire suppression systems such as sprinklers and water mist systems. This can lead to a delay in taking the vital life saving action required.


Fire Panel System


The problem – In a block of flats, a domestic alarm system has been fitted inside the flats with a Fire Panel System in the communal areas. With the alarms standalone, the panel system will not pick up the fire until it has spread throughout the flat.

The solution – With an alarm integration tool fitted – such as the Ei414 Fire/CO Alarm Interface, the domestic system in each flat is linked to the Fire Panel System in the communal areas. This means if a fire is detected in a flat by the domestic alarms it will alert the panel system straight away and can action the building wide alarms in communal areas.


Telecare/Warden Call System


The problem – In the property of a vulnerable person, a Telecare system has been installed to ensure they can live independently but help is close by if needed. A Carbon Monoxide leak from the boiler in the Kitchen has set off the alarms in the property, but the Telecare system is installed the other end of the home and has yet to detect the hazard and send the signal for external help.

The solution – An alarm integration connects all the fire and Carbon Monoxide alarms with the Telecare device within the property. The Carbon Monoxide leak has been detected and all the alarms in the property are sounding, alerting the occupant to the danger. The integration tool has sent a signal directly to the Telecare system, which in turn has sent out the external signal for help.


Sprinkler System


The problem – This property has a mixture of alarms and sprinklers fitted to provide protection. The fire has broken out in the bedroom activating the sprinkler in that room, but the occupant is the other end of the property and not aware a fire has started.

The solution – By connecting the domestic alarms and sprinkler system, the activation of the sprinkler will set off the alarms. They will then sound alerting the occupant that there is a fire.


For more information on Aico alarm integration solutions you can request a copy of our Ei414 Fire/CO Alarm Interface brochure or visit the Ei414 product page.