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Multi Sensor Fire Alarm With Packaging Ei 2110e

The Ei3024 Multi-Sensor Fire Alarm

Smoke alarms have different sensors to detect different fire types, so it is important to choose the right alarms to protect against all fire types. With the new Multi-Sensor Fire Alarm Ei3024 , you can be assured that it will sense all fire types giving you a total fire response.

The Multi-Sensor is built on the same high quality, reliable and proven technology that all Aico alarms are renowned for, but contains the latest high-tech enhancements making it the most effective domestic Fire Alarm on the market.

  • provides a total fire response
  • simple to specify
  • provides intelligent fire detection
  • has an increased resistance to false alarms
  • easy to install
  • compatible with SmartLINK interconnection technology for simple expansion of systems
  • capable of individual unit alarm data extraction using AudioLINK
  • capable of whole system data extraction
  • clean, modern design
  • future-proofed
  • fully compatible with existing Aico systems

Total Fire Response with Intelligent Detection

Multi Sensor Fire Alarm Test Fire WheelThe Multi-Sensor Fire Alarm contains two sensor types, optical and heat. Between them they are capable of detecting all fire types.

Optical Sensor – has a bonded protective mesh that encapsulates the whole sensor to keep out potential contaminates such as dust and insects whilst still allowing the free flow of smoke.

Heat Sensor – contains a new thermistor giving a faster alarm response when monitoring temperature rise and when the trigger temperature of 58ºC is reached.

The dual sensors constantly monitor smoke and heat levels, sending and receiving information via the intelligent software.

Data Extraction

There are two ways to extract data from the Multi-Sensor Fire Alarm:

  • AudioLINK data extraction for single unit reports
  • AudioLINK technology allows you to extract real time data from the Alarm using its sounder directly to a smartphone or tablet via a free app. This produces an easy to read report for that alarm.
  • SmartLINK data extraction for whole system reports
  • SmartLINK allows you to set up an alarm system for a property. Once set up you can securely extract information such as any activation’s or alarm tampering, number of units, alarm life from within or outside the property.

All of these reports can be generated with the alarms in-situ and can be used as evidence required for maintenance records.

AudioLINK Logo

SmartLINK Wireless Interconnection Technology

The Ei3024 Multi-Sensor Fire Alarm can be wirelessly interconnected with other SmartLINKRadioLINK and RadioLINK+ alarms and accessories via a plug in module. The Ei3000MRF just slots into the alarm head and is automatically activated ready to be interconnected or ‘House Coded’ with the rest of the system.

SmartLINK has made it even easier to interconnect alarms. New design features and functions have been brought in such as, easier to access to the ‘House Code’ slot used to set up the alarm system and remote ‘House coding’ so access to all the alarms within a system is no longer required.

Dust Compensation

The Ei3024 has a unique self-monitoring Dust Compensation mechanism incorporated into its software, which will allow the alarm to tolerate up to twice as much more dust contamination than a conventional optical alarm. The alarm automatically re-calibrates the alarm trigger point to compensate for dust.

This ensures the best performance and best value:

  • reduces false alarms
  • reduces maintenance costs
  • reduced number of unit replacements
  • makes them ideal for alarms in difficult to access areas
Multi Sensor Fire Alarm Dust

New Modern Design, Same Easy Installation

The Ei3024 Multi-Sensor Fire Alarm has a clean, sleek, slimline modern design making it less obtrusive into the room, whilst maintaining the Easi-fit base footprint making it simple to upgrade from these with no re-decorating costs.

The new design lends itself to suiting most modern properties and fits on to our new and improved Easi-fit base. The new base allows for the same quick and easy installation but now with more screw holes and bigger terminals making it even easier.

Future Proofing

Expanding an existing hard-wired interconnect alarm system to SmartLINK is simple. By replacing just one alarm in the hard-wired system to a SmartLINK alarm, you can add other SmartLINKRadioLINK+ or RadioLINK alarms and accessories, making it ever more flexible.