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Why is my alarm beeping?

There are a number of possible reasons why a Fire or Carbon Monoxide alarm could be beeping. The most important thing is to not ignore this, as they are warning signs of either a danger in the home or that an alarm needs maintenance.


Alarm Beeping

A smoke or heat alarm is emitting a full alarm sound:


If the alarms are sounding, there may be a fire present. You should evacuate the property and be absolutely sure there is no fire before returning. If in doubt, always assume there is a real fire present and take the necessary action.

If there is no fire present:

  • Find the alarm with the red light rapidly flashing. Press its ‘Hush’ button to silence. If that does not silence it, clean the alarm using a vacuum. Wait for 10 minutes and the issue should be resolved
  • Are there any cooking fumes or steam around this could be the reason behind the alarm fault – if so it may be incorrectly sited or the wrong sensor type for the area


For more information on installation faults visit our Fault Finding section.


Regular single beep from a smoke or heat alarm:


  • If it is a regular single beep (approximately once every minute), then the battery may be running low and you may need to change the battery in the alarm. This is relevant for the 140RC Series alarms
  • If the green power light is off – contact your installer or an Expert Installer to check wiring & connections


Irregular beep from a smoke or heat alarm:



A Carbon Monoxide alarm is sounding:


  • There is likely to be Carbon Monoxide present. Turn off any gas appliances, open windows and doors and leave the property
  • Ring the emergency number of the gas/fuel supplier
  • Do not enter the property until the alarm has stopped
  • If the alarm contains AudioLINK – Once the alarm has stopped activating and it is safe to enter the property extract a report to identify the details of the incident


Regular single beep or irregular beep from a Carbon Monoxide alarm:


  • If the green light is off-  contact your installer or an Expert Installer to check the wiring & connections
  • If the alarm contains AudioLINK – extract a report to identify the details of the incident


Aico have an experienced, dedicated Technical Team that are able to help you if you are still having issues with beeping from your alarms – you can email them at or call them on 01691 664100.