Ei208 Battery CO Alarm

Keep your home safe with the battery-powered Ei208 Carbon Monoxide Alarm. Using a 10-year lithium cell and built-in AudioLINK+ functionality, the alarm can monitor and signal early signs of Carbon Monoxide (CO) levels in your household.

  • Battery powered – sealed-in 10-year lithium battery
  • Built-in AudioLINK+ data extraction technology
  • Easy to fit twist on base and multi-fixings
  • Pre-alarm LED indication gives early warning of CO

Suitable For:

Living Room
Dining Room
Loft / Utility
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Product Features

Built-in AudioLINK+ Data Extraction Technology

As with all Aico Carbon Monoxide alarms – the Ei208 has AudioLINK+ Data Extraction Technology built-in. This report contains data such as alarm activations, Carbon Monoxide levels reached, background levels of Carbon Monoxide and battery life.

Standalone system

The Ei208 is not able to interconnect with any other alarms in a system, as it is not compatible with any interconnection methods. If you would like a battery powered Carbon Monoxide unit that can interconnect see our Ei208WRF RadioLINK+ Battery Carbon Monoxide Alarm.

Powered-for-life sealed guarantee

Powered by 10-year life sealed in lithium cell, this means you won’t need to replace the battery at any point in the life of the alarm. The battery itself cannot be removed, ensuring continued protection.

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