Ei630iRF RadioLINK+ Battery Heat Alarm

The Ei630iRF is a battery-powered Heat Alarm, powered by a 10 year life sealed in lithium cell. It is able to wirelessly interconnect with any other RadioLINK, RadioLINK+ and SmartLINK products.

  • Heat sensor – responds to heat build-up from large flaming fires (triggers at 58°C)
  • 10-year lithium battery powered
  • RadioLINK+ wireless interconnection
  • Kitemarked to BS 5446-2:2003
  • 5-year guarantee

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Product Features

Where Should the Ei630iRF Battery Heat Alarm be Sited?

The Ei630iRF Heat Alarm is powered by a lithium primary battery and is activated by heat from a fire, not smoke. This makes it ideal for kitchen installations where smoke alarms are prone to nuisance alarms. The thermistor will trigger the alarm when the activation temperature of 58ºC is reached.

Built-in AudioLINK+ Technology

This second iteration of the award-winning AudioLINK technology makes it simple to get real-time data from the Ei630iRF Heat Alarm via the AudioLINK+ app. The App generates a simple to read colour-coded report giving information on a range of alarm data, such as alarm activations, sensor status and record of testing.

Built-in RadioLINK+ Technology

The Ei630iRF Heat Alarm has built-in RadioLINK+ technology, and is able to wirelessly interconnect with any other RadioLINK products.

Battery and Lifespan

The Ei630iRF is a battery powered Heat Alarm that contains a sealed in lithium battery that will last for the full 10 year life of the alarm.

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