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A scalable, reliable and secure platform for landlords and residents.

HomeLINK is a multi-award-winning high-tech software team within Aico that leverages cutting edge home integration and analytics technologies to address the needs of social landlords and their residents.

The team has industry-leading expertise in artificial intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT), software development and integration and a track record of helping landlords reduce operating costs and carbon emissions whilst improving their residents’ wellbeing and safety.

Through the HomeLINK Portal and App, and APIs to existing IT systems, HomeLINK provides landlords with a scalable and future-proofed approach to their Internet of Things (IoT) strategy.

Why HomeLINK?

HomeLINK integrates and analyses data from Internet of Things technologies to help landlords achieve their strategic goals. The goal is to accelerate the uptake of advanced technology in social housing to help to solve some of society’s most serious challenges. The latest IoT and AI technology could dramatically improve the lives of those that are often last to access it.

Operational Costs

By streamlining services our platform offers a net return on investment.

Fuel Poverty

Our technology helps you identify those at risk of fuel poverty.

Fire Safety

With a range of fire safety technologies we can improve compliance and safety.

Health & Wellbeing

Alerts, insights and recommendations are provided to improve living conditions.

Air Quality

Benefit from improved indoor air quality and ventilation, leading to better respiratory health.

Customer Excellence

We help landlords improve their services and empower their customers with our HomeLINK App for residents.

Net Zero

Pre- and post-retrofit monitoring enable landlords to target their worst performing properties first and ensure their investments provide more comfortable and efficient homes as intended.


Adhere to requirements outlined in Standards and Legislation, such as the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018, PAS 2035, and the Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing.

Create a smarter, safer home

An exciting innovation in home life safety, the Ei1020 and Ei1025 Environmental Sensors have been designed to create better maintained, healthier and energy efficient homes.

The Environmental Sensors wirelessly connect with the SmartLINK Gateway, an innovative system designed to monitor Fire and Carbon Monoxide Alarms in real-time. Through the Portal, landlords will have access to a wealth of data that has been collected through all the connected alarms and sensors in their housing stock.

Data insights enable preventative and proactive maintenance leading to the creation of healthier and safer homes for residents.


Learn more about HomeLINK Environmental Sensors

HomeLINK Environmental Sensor

What is an Environmental Sensor?

Unobstrusive and secure, our Environmental Sensors are placed throughout the home to monitor temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide, providing actionable insights into conditions such as mould risk, energy efficiency, ventilation, excess cold and heat and indoor air quality.

How do Environmental Sensors work?

Our sensors gather data on indoor environmental conditions by installing Environmental Sensors in high-risk areas.

Connected sensors across multiple properties will give millions of invaluable data readings. Advanced Machine Learning technology constantly interprets the data to provide clear, actionable insights which are available via the HomeLINK Portal.

Designed with social landlords, our innovative portal provides the information landlords will value most, to optimise investment, identify and tackle fuel poverty, improve maintenance and deliver unrivalled service to residents.

Why Environmental Sensors?

An exciting innovation in home life safety, our Environmental Sensors have been designed to create better maintained, healthier and energy efficient homes.

Easy to install and manage, Environmental Sensors help to overcome many challenges, from compliance and net zero homes to mould risk and fuel poverty; adding another dimension to resident safety, while helping landlords to meet their strategic goals.

The Environmental Sensors have a built-in 10-year lithium battery meaning battery replacement is not required, include a tamper-proof locking baseplate and are quick and simple to install.

Environmental Sensor Installation

Where to install Environmental Sensors

Some indoor areas are more susceptible to changes in indoor environmental conditions, such as:

Bathrooms: A high-risk area for condensation, damp and mould due to high humidity and inadequate ventilation.

Kitchens: A high-risk area for condensation, damp, mould and excess heat due to potentially limited ventilation and increased humidity from cooking.

Living rooms: Residents are likely to spend a lot of time here and increasing carbon dioxide levels from high occupancy.

Bedrooms: Residents spend a significant amount of time sleeping and it can be a risk area for allergens e.g. dust mites.

Actionable Insights

Stylish and secure, our Environmental Sensors are placed throughout the home to monitor temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide, providing actionable insights into conditions such as mould risk, energy efficiency, ventilation, excess cold and heat, and indoor air quality.

The Ei1020 includes temperature and humidity sensors, with the Ei1025 featuring an additional carbon dioxide sensor.

The HomeLINK Portal

Designed with social landlords, the analytics platform displays data insights via a holistic, user-friendly portal.

From carbon dioxide, energy efficiency and indoor air quality to mould risk, allergens and ventilation, there’s a wealth of actionable insights available, segmented by high, medium and low risk. View top-level data on the main dashboard or drill down for deeper insights to tackle problems, maintain compliance and enable preventative strategies within housing stock.

The HomeLINK Portal provides detailed property and portfolio views and is designed for multiple user roles.


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The HomeLINK App

By empowering residents with their data and personalised insights, landlords will see improvements in the maintenance and health of their stock with less intervention, while residents can save money by running their homes with energy efficiency in mind.

With the HomeLINK App, residents are provided with a healthy home rating, temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide data and handy advice on the measures they can take to improve the quality of their home.

When Fire and Carbon Monoxide Alarms are interlinked with the Gateway, the HomeLINK App will notify residents with testing reminders and alarm activation events.

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Introducing the HomeLINK App

Integration with the SmartLINK Gateway

The Environmental Sensors connect with Aico’s Ei1000G SmartLINK Gateway; an innovative and award-winning system designed to monitor Fire and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Systems in real-time. The Ei1000G has recently received a BSI Kitemark for IoT, in recognition of its communications performance and security. Connection to the Gateway is required in order to access the insights captured by the Environmental Sensors.

The SmartLINK App enables quick and easy installation of Environmental Sensors with advanced house coding capabilities. Simply scan the associated QR code to capture the Environmental Sensors, while the Gateway automatically house codes the units to wirelessly interconnect to the system.

Aico’s SmartLINK Gateway is the central hub for data, extracting information from both Fire and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Systems and Environmental Sensors. With all data in one place, landlords can benefit from increased efficiency and improved asset management.

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Our YouTube Channel has in-depth videos and how-to guides to using our HomeLINK Portal and App.

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