Ei168RC Mains Powered RadioLINK Base

For use as a wireless interconnect between your existing household safety alarms, the Ei168RC RadioLINK Base is an easi-fit mounting plate with built-in RadioLINK technology. It works when one alarm is triggered and, therefore, all alarms in the system sound. As a mains powered unit, it also comes with a rechargeable lithium cell back-up to be used instead of the easi-fit base, which enables the alarms to have RadioLINK capabilities.

  • Mains powered base with rechargeable lithium cell back-up
  • Compatible with other Aico wireless interconnection products
  • Eliminates tricky wiring runs
  • Saves time, mess and money
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Product Features

Compatible with other Aico mains powered devices

The Ei168RC RadioLINK base is compatible with the 140e Series alarms.

Safeguard the system

Once all the alarms have been installed the RadioLINK system is secured by a special House Coding function to safeguard the system from interference from other Radio Frequency systems.

Easy to expand existing interconnected system

To set a hybrid system up – simply fit one Ei168RC base to an alarm in the existing alarm system and any new alarms with Ei168RC bases. Once installation is complete, alarms can be House Coded together meaning that, if any alarm either hard-wired or wireless is now triggered, it will sound all the alarms in the system.

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