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Information & Support Videos

At Aico, we pride ourselves on offering market leading levels of service to our customers. As such, we have provided informative and advice driven videos for our customers as further support.

Company Information Videos

Company Overview

Our Managing Director, Neal Hooper, introduces Aico Ltd and discusses why we pride ourselves on our quality, service and innovation.

Aico’s Centre of Excellence

Take a look around our impressive training and meeting facilities available to our customers at our Head Office.

Homes Exhibition Video 2016

During the Home Exhibition 2016, some of our colleagues took a moment to talk about Aico and why we truly believe in our quality, service and innovation. We also spoke to customers about why they fit Aico.

London Fire Safety Event

In December 2017 Aico held a second Fire Safety event at the Oval in London. The aim was to provide CPD training and bring together local councils and housing associations to talk about Fire Safety



Our RadioLINK technology was the first Radio Frequency interconnection method in the market, allowing for wireless alarm interconnection. Find out more in this video.


Award winning AudioLINK allows for data extraction directly from the alarm without having to remove it from its base.

System Selection Guidance

Choosing the right sensor type

There are different types of sensors which are best suited to detecting certain fire types and therefore best placed in specific rooms. To find out more about this, watch the below video.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms – Where to fit and why?

If you are unsure of whether you require a Carbon Monoxide alarm or where to fit them, watch this video to find out more.

Where to site your alarms

Sting your alarms correctly is important to ensure the best protection possible and can also be important to ensure that you are complying with Standards and Regulations.

Setting Up A System

How to House Code

House coding your system together is imperative to ensure all of the alarms in the property sound, as well as making sure they do not trigger others in nearby properties. Watch our simple step by step guide of how to house code.

Setting up a RadioLINK+ system

If you are looking to set up a RadioLINK+ system but unsure of how to do so, or how to make the most of the software once it is set up, watch this video for a step by step tour of using the software.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I test my alarms?
How do I replace my alarm?
How do I check the age of my alarm?
How do I change the battery in my alarm?
Why is my alarm beeping?
What alarm do I have?