Create a safer home with the 1000 Series

An innovative alarm management system to make life easier, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

The Ei1000G uses SmartLINK wireless interconnection technology to link every alarm and sensor in a property to give you a full picture via an online portal. Using any device, you can keep up to date with Fire and Carbon Monoxide events, alarm performance, replacement and faults, and more.

The system constantly monitors every linked alarm or sensor while the easy-to-use dashboard compiles reports to help you identify trends in alarm notifications and forecast replacement and maintenance – helping to ensure your tenants are always protected.

This powerful data insight enables the creation of healthier, safer homes for tenants, allowing for preventative measures and proactive maintenance.

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Create a Safer Home

Connected homes are safer homes – to find out more, visit Smart Home – The LINK

Smart Home - The Link

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