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Aico and it’s parent company, Ei Electronics have always been at the front of developing new alarm technologies to ensure that the presence of fire and carbon monoxide can be detected and occupants alerted as quickly as possible.

Aico & Ei Electronics pride themselves on the innovation, research and development that goes into every single product. Over the last 50 years, hours of R & D time have gone into developing state of the art technologies.

AudioLINK data extraction technology – launched in 2015, AudiolINK is ground breaking technology that allows data to be extracted directly from an alarm using sound, meaning that real time data can be extracted with the alarm in situ

RadioLINK wireless interconnection technology – one of the first wireless alarm interconnection methods launched to market RadioLINK, saves on installation time, mess and disruption

RadioLINK+ wireless interconnection technology – builds on the success of RadioLINK, but provides added functionality including system monitoring and whole system data extraction

Easi-fit alarm base system – hours of development have gone into creating an alarm base that makes it as quick and simple to install as possible. Continuous development has lead to larger terminal blocks and versatile screw holes

160e Series alarms – Advancements in sensor technology and design have been incorporated into this new range of main powered alarms

Multi-Sensor fire alarm, Ei2110e – This flagship product combines dual sensor technology with intelligent software to create the ultimate in alarm design – providing total detection across a wide range of fire types

Ei450 Alarm Controller – A completely wire free controller that allows residents to test alarms, locate which alarm has activated and silence alarms in the event of a false alarm – all from one convenient location.

Ei414 Fire/CO Interface – As homes become more electronically dependant and interlinked, Aico have developed the Ei414 Fire/CO Interface to ensure domestic smoke, heat and carbon monoxide alarms can be integrated. Connections can now be made with other live safing devices such as Telecare/ Warden Call devices, Sprinkler systems and Fire Panel Systems.

Read more about these industry innovations and how they can be used on their dedicated webpages.

The 3000 Series – Coming Soon

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