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Aico TV – Episode 9

Uploaded: 6 May, 202101:43:20

On this week’s episode of Aico TV, our National Sales Manager, Daniel Little, and CEO of HomeLINK, Luke Loveridge, explore the Leeds Smart City Strategy. Following this, Luke takes the opportunity to interview Stephen Blackburn, Data and Innovation Manager at Leeds City Council. Next, David Watts returns for Part 3 of the Sparky Ninja mini-series. In this segment, David speaks to Regional Specification Managers, Andy Sturgess and Carl Traynor about communal areas and lighting in escape routes. For the final segment of the episode, our Relationships Manager, Tina Mistry, is joined by Nick Kilby and Rob Chilton from Cratus Communications. Together, they talk about our partnership and how they have navigated the challenges of the pandemic through social housing, and the housing crisis. We conclude the episode with an FAQ regarding the British Standards.

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