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Opinion and features on industry topics and more.

26 Oct 2020

The New Handybook App

Way back in the 90’s, when the Spice Girls still had five members and Chris Evans would close the week…

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20 Oct 2020

A Day in the Life of the Operations Team

My name is Dan McKay and I am one of the newest members of the Operations Team, joining Aico in…

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05 Oct 2020

What is Multi-Sensor Technology?

Before I started working at Aico, I thought a Fire Alarm was just a Fire Alarm and you could put…

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Do you know what IoT is?

24 Sep 2020

Do you know what IoT is and is it the future?

Do you know what IoT is and is it the future? When joining the Marketing team at the end of…

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18 Sep 2020

What’s it like to work for Aico for over 20 years?

Hi, I’m Matt Small, Commercial and Finance Director at Aico and I have been with Aico for the past 21…

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16 Sep 2020

Are you ready for winter?

As much as we may like to deny it, it’s time to admit that winter is coming. As the days…

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