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Allen in the kitchen

07 Nov 2019

“Allen the heat alarm is going off!”

  Does it ever seem like your heat alarm triggers whenever you open the oven door, fry the bacon or…

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17 Oct 2019

What alarm types do I need?

“What alarm type do I need, and which room do I need to install it in? Optical, Heat, Multi-Sensor…” Alarm…

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Smoke alarm and CO alarm

09 Oct 2019

Why would I interconnect my smoke alarms with my CO alarms?

“Confused, don’t be, your first thought is correct, we would normally discourage the interconnection of smoke alarms with CO alarms.”…

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How Do I House Code?

02 Oct 2019

“How do I House Code?”

“The alarms on the whole street will sound if one of the alarms is triggered and they haven’t been treated…

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27 Sep 2019

How Best To Gain Support From Residents For Property Access?

As part of the Resident Safety Campaign partnering with Inside Housing, we have explored the reasons why residents and leaseholders…

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25 Sep 2019

Competition is Now Closed

The competition for the Resident Safety Campaign is now closed. The competition has been organised by Inside Housing as part…

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