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Aico supports student career opportunities

28 November 2019

Supporting local schools to engage and encourage students in their future careers is a key aim of Aico in the Community and throughout November, Aico have attended career events held by local schools. Community Liaison, Jane Pritchard commented “It is so important to support and inform students about the opportunities available in the world of work. It has been great to engage with so many students and the response we have had has been fantastic!”.


The Hadley Learning Community (HLC) – Telford and the Mary Webb School – Pontesbury, held career fairs that were offered to students in Years 9, 10 and 11 with the aim being to support them to make informed choices about their future. This year Aico joined them to offer guidance and to educate students about the apprenticeship programmes within the various departments at Aico.


Students had the chance to take part in an interactive house-coding session, in which they had to successfully interconnect alarms via radio frequency. This was well received by the students and they asked lots of questions about the skills they could put to use at Aico and the apprenticeship opportunities available. Catherine Lawson-Broadhead, Head of Business, Careers Lead at HLC Telford said “A huge thank you to Aico for joining us at the fantastic evening at HLC Career Fair on 6th November.  Following the Shropshire Business Awards, Aico have certainly demonstrated why and how they won the Business in the Community Award.”


Aico also attended the Year 9 STEMfest event at Sir John Talbot’s School, Whitchurch. STEMfest aims to inspire students in the fields of science, technology, engineering and maths, and forge links between schools and businesses within the STEM industries.


Aico representatives presented to students the various roles in Aico and how these are linked to STEM and provided a mini workshop on house-coding alarms. Nina Biggs of Sir John Talbot’s School commented “Students and parents were overwhelmed by the variety and expertise of all of our guests and really felt like they had been given an insight to what is involved with STEM industries. Aico was mentioned as one of the students favourite presentations and students said they found the session very informative and the representatives friendly and approachable.”


For more information about how Aico can support your school, college or university, please visit or contact Community Liaison, Jane Pritchard at