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LiveWest utilise the Ei1000G SmartLINK Gateway to identify alarm activations from an unknown source

13 August 2021

LiveWest Housing Association identified and eliminated recurring alarm activations from an unknown source by installing Aico’s revolutionary Ei1000G SmartLINK Gateway within a supported living complex in Plymouth.

LiveWest Housing Association own and manage over 38,000 homes across the UK from Cornwall to Gloucestershire. They have ambitious plans to invest more than £1bn in the South West economy and provide 6,000 new homes in the region over the next five years. LiveWest believes in a home for everyone, and they are taking significant steps towards alleviating the region’s housing shortage.

The Housing Association had an issue with recurring activation from an unknown source within a 42-apartment complex for supported living in Plymouth. It was critical to investigate the problem efficiently to prevent excess callouts and put the residents at ease.

LiveWest enlisted the assistance of Steve Bulley, Aico Regional Specification Manager for the South West, to investigate the problem. Steve recommended that LiveWest install Aico’s innovative SmartLINK Gateway, followed by wireless Radio Frequency (RF) house coding of the property’s alarms to the system to obtain a complete overview of alarm events in the complex.

The Gateway monitors every interlinked alarm within the property, delivering real-time alarm data to the cloud-based portal. It reports on alarm events such as activations, end-of-life events, fault status and more; this empowered LiveWest to identify trends in alarm notifications and pinpoint the issue causing the activations.

The reports generated by the Gateway’s portal enabled LiveWest to analyse and cross-reference data from the property’s alarm systems with external incidents and circumstances. From the data extracted from the portal, LiveWest established that the alarms were activating during a period of construction work on the exterior of the apartment complex. This enabled them to narrow down the source of the problem.

Paul Collinge, Gas Manager for LiveWest, commented “As our strategic partner in Fire and Carbon Monoxide alarms, we were keen to explore the benefits the Aico Gateway could offer us to resolve this issue. Utilising the excellent support we receive from our Aico Specification Manager, Steve Bulley, we were able to install the system and resolve the issue in a speedy manner.

Since the installation of the Gateway, there have been no further activations from unknown sources. LiveWest can now continuously monitor their alarm stock within the apartment complex, helping them to forecast replacement and maintenance. Monitoring and utilising alarm system data allows LiveWest to remain compliant with legislation and reassures tenants that they live in a safe environment.

Steve Bulley said of the project “This was an interesting issue to investigate and since install there have thankfully been no further activations. The addition of the Ei1000G SmartLINK Gateway offers peace of mind, especially with elderly residents.

The Gateway system was successfully installed by a contractor from LiveWest, who comments “A quick installation of the Gateway unit followed by simple RF house coding of the alarms to the system, something which we are well versed in due to the high-quality Expert Installer Training that all operatives have received from our local Aico Specification Manager, Steve Bulley.”

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Pictured: Regional Specification Manager, Steve Bulley, at Ei1000G SmartLINK Gateway installation.