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Aico is more than just a manufacturer of alarms. We constantly search for ways we can develop our systems to offer improved protection, even greater reliability and easier installation and maintenance. For that reason, innovation, research and development are the life blood of Aico, and of our parent company Ei Electronics.

To this end, we have a dedicated Research and Development Department within our factory in Ireland, tasked with creating new products and applications, adding new features to existing products and developing intellectual property, all the time working closely with our customers.


Life-saving Technologies


Ei Electronics and Aico currently hold over 20 patents on life saving technologies, making alarm detection the best it can be. These include advancements in sensor designs, innovation in battery power supplies and even patents on parts of the manufacturing process itself.

Through developing these technologies and thinking of new and better ways to detect Fire and Carbon Monoxide in domestic environments, Ei Electronics have been the first to market with these ground breaking innovations:

Rechargeable battery backup for mains powered products

10 year alarm life – first using primary cells and later rechargeable

Easi-fit base system

Wireless radio frequency interconnection

Remote control of alarm systems

Multi-Sensor fire alarm

Digital information extraction using an alarm sounder

Aico and Ei Electronics are committed to continuing this drive for innovation. The fire detection industry has already changed from the first standalone alarms in the 1960’s, to interconnected systems in the 1990’s and fully integrated systems in the 2010’s. As we move into the 2020’s Aico and Ei Electronics will still be pushing the way forward in a future of digital information and virtual systems.

If you would like to read more about the technologies developed by Aico and Ei Electronics please visit the Technologies Area.


Promoting best practice through education and training

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Aico are committed to providing the highest quality Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarms designed to provide the most reliable life-saving detection.

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Aico prides itself on offering market leading levels of service to its customers.

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Providing customers with support is at the heart of what Aico do.

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Aico and it's parent company Ei Electronics have always been at the front of developing new alarm technologies.

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