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We pride ourselves on offering market leading levels of service to our customers. As the company has grown, all parts of our ordering and dispatch process have been reviewed and refined from a customer perspective, to make sure that the same exceptional standards are achieved throughout the whole process.

Our Team

Our team of experienced Regional Specification Managers work across the UK to help support customers in all areas of domestic Fire and Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarm Systems. The aim of the team is to support customers by ensuring they have all the information they need to select the right alarms and technologies for their projects.

The Regional Specification Managers also work closely with all our Distributors. This can range from in-branch marketing support to training for the whole branch and they are also on hand to handle any specialised orders that need extra attention.

Our Internal Sales Team are available to provide excellent service over the phone and can offer advice on product selection and compatibility, alarm siting and basic alarm maintenance. This knowledge also ensures they are able to process orders efficiently and accurately, ensuring that customer service levels remain high.

The busy Warehouse Team finish off the order process. Like many of the team at Aico, some of the Warehouse staff have been with the company for over 15 years, so they have excellent product knowledge. The streamlined picking and packing process ensures that customers receive their alarms and accessories as quickly as possible.

Aico are committed to developing new products and technologies, paying attention to every detail – our aim is to do the same with our service and create a smooth ordering process for our customers, considering customer service at all points.


Promoting best practice through education and training.

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Aico are committed to providing the highest quality Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarms designed to provide the most reliable life-saving detection.

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Innovation, research and development are the life blood of Aico and its parent company.

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Providing customers with support is at the heart of what Aico do.

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Aico and it's parent company Ei Electronics have always been at the front of developing new alarm technologies.

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