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Improved easi-fit Base

Our easi-fit base has been proven to give quick, reliable installation and comes with all our mains powered fire alarms such the 160e Series and Multi-Sensor Fire Alarm Ei2110e. The first easi-fit bases were launched in 1999 and have become a firm favourite with installers ever since.

All Aico mains powered smoke and heat alarms, along with all future product developments are compatible with easi-fit bases, meaning you won’t need to wire in a new base when you come to re-new or upgrade the alarms.


Features include:


  • A clip on wiring cover
  • Tamper-proof locking latch
  • Removable trunking pull-out (25mm)
  • Built-in terminal block
  • Clearly labelled wiring terminals


New and improved features:


During the development of the new 160e Series alarms, we took the opportunity to improve our bases even more. Using the feedback from Contractors we have retained all of the features that helped make the bases so popular, but we have brought in some new features to make them even better.

  • Bigger terminals have been created to accommodate 1.5mm² cable more easily, making it more straightforward to wire
  • More screw holes have been added to the base to save on installation times when upgrading or replacing alarms
  • The holes have been adapted, so N°8 screws can now be used.
  • Aligns with previous easi-fit and RadioLINK base installations,so no need to drill extra holes.
  • We’ve retained the trunking pull-out, which allows trunking to be added quickly and neatly.


Easi-fit bases are also available with the 140RC Series alarms.