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Orkney Islands: serving rural communities

Written by:
Ryan Conway
Posted On:
28th June 2024

The collection of islands that make up Orkney have a population of just over 22,000 and are located off the Northeastern coast of Scotland, and a place Aico have been supplying for many years.

My recent visit to these picturesque islands included training with local electrical contractors and distributors, as well as a data review on our Connected Home Solution with the Orkney Housing Association.

Working closely with the whole supply chain through face-to-face meetings in remote and rural areas is a crucial aspect of building stronger and lasting business relationships. These personal interactions foster trust and credibility.

In rural communities, where business dealings are often more personal and community-focused, the opportunity to meet in person helps to establish a genuine connection and allow for a deeper understanding of the local context and culture.

Regularly being there in person helps gain insights into the Orkneys unique needs, values, and challenges. This cultural sensitivity leads to more a tailored and effective approach that will resonate better with local stakeholders.

Travelling to more rural and remote locations such as Orkney, helps enhance collaboration and problem-solving and shows mine and Aico’s commitment to the relationship, showing dedication and respect for those communities. It conveys that the relationship is valued and worth the effort, which can be particularly impactful in building long-term partnerships.


Lastly, these meetings can open new opportunities for networking and community engagement. Being present in the local area allows our supply chain to attend training sessions, arrange meetings and have further discussion on the new technology and products we have on offer, as well as building potential new professional relationships and connections.



In summary, visiting remote and rural areas is vital for building stronger business relationships as they foster trust, offer cultural insights, enhance collaboration, demonstrate commitment, and open networking opportunities. These benefits collectively contribute to more robust and sustainable professional relationships and foster trust in myself and Aico as a brand.

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