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A New Year’s Revolution: Aico launches groundbreaking SmartLINK Gateway technology

Written by:
Alex Garmston
Posted On:
14th January 2020

Aico has launched the SmartLINK Gateway, the Ei1000G. This is a first in asset management and compliance, providing full visibility and remote whole system monitoring of Aico Fire and Carbon Monoxide alarm systems.


Aico, an Ei Company, is leading the way in home life safety by pioneering new technologies and offering high quality alarms, developed and manufactured in Ireland. All Aico alarms meet UK standards and offer a variety of sensor types to guarantee protection for every home, the cornerstone of which is delivering quality, service and innovation.


Stemming from their ethos of innovation, Aico has launched the SmartLINK Gateway to provide a groundbreaking solution for Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) to have access to real time data insight into the status of the Smoke, Heat and Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarm systems across their entire housing stock. Using its built-in GSM data connection, the Ei1000G reports events including fire/CO activations and alarm head removals as they happen to the SmartLINK cloud portal, for full visibility and remote monitoring. The Ei1000G SmartLINK Gateway utilises Aico’s next generation of wireless technology to enable real-time notifications via an online, cloud based SmartLINK portal system.


The development of the Aico SmartLINK Gateway has been greatly influenced by RSLs and their teams, through extensive feedback and rigorous trials that have significantly shaped the final product; Aico designed this alarm management system to assure tenant safety at any time. As the pinnacle of Aico’s technology, this pioneering product facilitates the safety of tenants at all times and aids with compliance across housing stock, ensuring ease of monitoring for RSLs and clear, actionable intelligence.


Fife Council served as a trial site for the SmartLINK Gateway, Lead Officer Jim Macdonald commented “In a building that relies on residents for access, we can monitor alarm systems remotely to make sure everything is working correctly, and the tenants are kept safe. The main benefit of this product would be saving time and money while getting an immediate response, rather than going through the normal procedures. We have always found that Aico is very adaptable in working with clients, such as ourselves, to make sure the products are fit for purpose.”


Aico have always been at the forefront of Radio Frequency (RF) technology and are now leading the way in revolutionising this technology. The foundation of RF technology simply enabled wireless interconnection between Aico alarms, allowing ease of installation. This technology has been expanded upon and has progressed to now having more capabilities than ever before. By using in-built GSM data connection and RF interconnection to interface the SmartLINK Gateway with Aico alarms and accessories, easy installation and reliable connection is assured, meaning full visibility of connected RF systems. Although designed for SmartLINK, the Ei1000G is backwards compatible and therefore will also give visibility to RadioLINK+ systems. Events are reported directly as they happen via the online portal, which gives accessible intelligence that can be actioned, reported on and documented.


Electrical Engineer of Bassetlaw Council Andrew Norman said of the Gateway “With concerns about access and a duty of care to tenants, making sure the alarms are working, they have power and they haven’t been tampered with is so important. With the Gateway I can do all of this, even in properties where we have limited access, I can monitor for any problems. The Gateway gives me a better tool to work with.”


The Ei1000G SmartLINK Gateway aims to improve efficiency, reduce costs, aid with replacement forecasting and maintenance and enable smart asset management. This groundbreaking technology gives a proactive approach to fault-finding, defining any trends in alarm activations and maintenance requirements, while drastically minimising the issue of property access. The SmartLINK Gateway will revolutionise the way in which alarm systems are managed, paving the way to a solution-focused approach to asset management.

For more information about the SmartLINK Gateway and to register your interest, please visit the SmartLINK hub or call 01691 664100.

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