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Allen in the kitchen

“Allen the heat alarm is going off!”

7 November 2019


Does it ever seem like your heat alarm triggers whenever you open the oven door, fry the bacon or slightly overdo some toast?

 Allen has a heat alarm fitted in his kitchen. Naturally being the closest, it will be the one that takes the blame, however, being a heat alarm this device will not trigger unless it senses a temperature of 58 degrees or more.


 So… what is causing Allen’s alarm to trigger?

 Checking the red LED’s within the property to find the alarm flashing red rapidly is a very useful exercise as this is the alarm that has triggered the system.


Is it the type of alarm that Allen has in his kitchen?

It could be that Allen has the incorrect alarm fitted within the kitchen, which is a common issue. If Allen has an ionisation alarm, which has been fitted in the wrong location, then this could be the issue.

Ionisation alarms are sensitive to small smoke particles, resulting in nuisance alarming from cooking fumes (i.e. burnt toast).


How can Allen remedy this issue?

This issue is rectified by simply using the correct sensor type for these locations, optical alarms are recommended for hallways/landings as per BS 5839-6: 2019 primarily, as they are not prone to nuisance alarming from cooking fumes.



by Kieran

Kieran is a Technical Advisor for Aico. He is a Glanza enthusiast and enjoys going for long drives!