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 What is a sensor type?

27 July 2020

When it comes to fire alarms… who knew there were so many different types?

What is a sensor type? Does it matter what sensor type I have?

Yes, it does!

By having the correct sensor type, you can reduce the likelihood of nuisance alarms!

The sensor type of an alarm is the way in which it detects the presence of fire or smoke.


An alarm with an Optical sensor uses infrared light to detect the presence of smoke and is best suited to slow, smouldering fires like those caused by electricals. Because this sensor detects large smoke particles, it won’t false alarm from cooking fumes!


A Multi-Sensor alarm has two independent sensors that work together; an Optical sensor and a Heat sensor . The Optical sensor will trigger from smoke alone and the Heat sensor will trigger at 58oC without the presence of smoke. If the Heat sensor detects a significant rise in temperature, the Optical sensor’s sensitivity is automatically increased. This intelligent software offers the widest fire response.


Both Optical alarms and Multi-Sensor fire alarms are suitable for all rooms of a property, excluding kitchens, garages and wet rooms.

So, now you know what a sensor type is and why an Optical alarm or a Multi-Sensor alarm is best!


by Deryn

Deryn is part of the Marketing team and enjoys walking her dog in the countryside.