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What is Multi-Sensor Technology?

5 October 2020

Before I started working at Aico, I thought a Fire Alarm was just a Fire Alarm and you could put any Alarm on a ceiling in your house and you would be protected.

Once my career started here, I was amazed to learn that simply was not the case!


What I learnt…

Fire Alarms have a range of different sensors to detect a range of different fire types, which are designed for different rooms around a property.

To me, it came as a surprise and seemed like you would need a lot of Alarms to protect your home, but there was already a solution to this… Multi-Sensor Technology.


What is Multi-Sensor Technology?

Here at Aico, we provide two different Multi-Sensor products, the Ei3024 and the Ei3028.

A Multi-Sensor Fire Alarm contains two independent sensor types that work together, providing maximum coverage for the room it is installed in.

The Ei3024 is fitted with an Optical and Heat sensor. The Optical sensor will trigger from smoke and the Heat sensor will trigger from heat at 58°C. If the Heat sensor detects a significant rise in temperature, the intelligent technology will automatically allow the sensitivity of the Optical sensor to increase.

The Ei3028 is fitted with a Heat and Carbon Monoxide Sensor. The electrochemical Carbon Monoxide sensor triggers when Carbon Monoxide gas is sensed from a fuel burning appliance, while the Heat sensor is triggered at 58°C. The Ei3028 provides both fire detection and Carbon Monoxide detection in one intelligent alarm.


Where would you use a Multi-Sensor? 

Every kitchen is of course a potential fire risk, but many kitchens can also be at risk to a Carbon Monoxide leak if they have a fuel-burning appliance. This type of situation is what our Multi-Sensors were designed for. Not only are you guaranteed the highest level of protection from heat and Carbon Monoxide, it is also cost effective as you only need to buy one Multi-Sensor alarm instead of two separate alarms to cover this high risk area.

Another scenario would be for an open-plan kitchen that forms part of the escape route as it would require a Smoke and Heat alarm.


What are the benefits of a Multi-Sensor?

– Cost Effective, buy one alarm instead of two

– Provides intelligent fire detection

– Increased resistance to false alarms

– Compatible with SmartLINK & AudioLINK

– Fully compatible with existing Aico systems


By Lewis

Lewis is part of the Marketing team and enjoys dog walking.