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What are the environmental benefits of the eco-fit range?

8 March 2021


The new eco-fit range has now been released and it is our greenest and most eco-friendly alarm range to date! This range is available across the whole of our current 3000 Series.


At Aico, we are continuously looking for ways in which we can contribute to our environmental responsibility initiative, and the eco-fit range adds to the many ways in which we strive to become more sustainable as a company. The eco-fit range provides minimal packaging, maximum protection.

The eco-fit range will be packed and sold in boxes of 10, offering a head unit only option. It is perfect if you are looking to upgrade a current system and retrofitting on larger scales.

Ei3016 eco-fit range


So, what are the environmental benefits?

In the UK, it is estimated1 that five million tonnes of plastic is used every year, nearly half of which is packaging, with plastic packaging2 accounting for nearly 70% of our plastic waste.

Of the 8.3 billion3 metric tons of plastic that has been produced globally, a staggering 6.3 billion metric tons has become plastic waste. It is essential that plastic waste is drastically reduced – if present trends continue, by 20503, there will be 12 billion metric tons of plastic in landfills. That amount is 35,000 times as heavy as the Empire State Building.

With minimal packaging that is 100% recyclable, the eco-fit range reduces the amount of paper and card used by up to 58% and by excluding easi-fit bases, screw packs and dust covers from the range, there is a whopping 100% reduction in plastic!


This new eco-friendly range comes as part of our wider commitment to the environment and the sustainability of our community, country and planet. Our new HQ was sympathetically designed to benefit the area with four acres of landscaping, a large pond, habitats for natural wildlife and a solar garden on the roof for a renewable energy source.

We believe we should all play our part in making the world more sustainable and greener, and we will continue to look for we ways in which we can do that, whether at work or at home.


For more information on our eco-fit range, click here.



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