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Ei413 RadioLINK Panel Interface Module

The Ei413 is a RadioLINK Panel Interface Module that provides an interface between RadioLINK alarms and accessories and fire alarm/security alarm panels.

  • Creates a two-way communication between Aico alarms and a panel system
  • Connects wirelessly with all other Aico wireless interconnection products and is hard wired into the Panel system
  • Powered directly from the Panel system

Product Description

Power Source

The module is powered either directly from the Panel System or from an external source.

Panel Activation

The module will decode a ‘Fire’, ‘Carbon Monoxide’ and fault signals from RadioLINK devices and activate the Panel accordingly and will also work the other way, activating the domestic alarms if it receives a signal from the Panel.

Operation of the Ei413

On receiving a volt-free switched hardwired signal from the panel, the module will transmit a RadioLINK alarm signal to activate the alarms in the system.
If a fire alarm has activated, the module will recognise the signal as a fire, and switch the relevant contacts to activate the panel.
If a Carbon Monoxide alarm has activated, the module will recognise the signal as a Carbon Monoxide leak and switch the relevant contacts to activate the panel.

Technical Specifications

  • Eliminate the need for any cabling between the Ei413 and the smoke/heat/CO alarms used in the system.
  • The Ei413 is conformant to EN300220-1 (RF Performance) in accordance with EN300220-2 and EN301489-1 (EMC) referencing EN301489-3.
  • The unit is powered from the alarm panel and requires 11 to 30VDC. Unit current rating: 15mA (Standby), 60mA (Alarm Max).
    The unit has three sets (Normally Open, Normally Closed and Common) of built-in wiring contacts for connection to the panel (rated at 30V @1 Amp). On the contacts closing, the unit will (dependent on which set of contacts are connected) indicate a fire, CO leak or fault to the panel. The unit also has a Normally Open volt-free set of contacts to link from the panel to it, so if the panel is activated, the unit will transmit a RadioLINK signal to the alarms in the system to activate them (they will sound).
  • Radio frequency: 868MHz band in accordance with R&TTE Directive 1999/5/EC – this band has been designed for use with security products and only allows a 1% duty cycle, so continuous transmission and interference from external sources is extremely remote and would be illegal.
  • Up to 12 RadioLINK units can be used in one system. Range may be a limiting factor.
  • RF Range: The type of building will be the major limiting factor e.g., the number and type of walls/ceilings that the radio signal has to pass through. As a guide, 30m should be the maximum distance between any of the RadioLINK units in the system.
  • Units are in ‘factory code’ when received (they will communicate with each other). They must be ‘House Coded’ to eliminate the risk of adjacent properties communicating with each other. After ‘House Coding’ they will only communicate with other RadioLINK units coded at the same time.
  • House Code: Operate the ‘House Code’ Switch on all RadioLINK units in the system – see the instructions supplied with the other RadioLINK units being used. The LED indicator on the front cover of the Ei413 will flash blue slowly, this indicates that it is transmitting its unique serial number to all other RadioLINK units in ‘House Code’. After a short time the unit will flash to indicate the number of units in the system (2 flashes = 2 units, 3 flashes = 3 units etc.). The Ei413 will return to normal standby mode automatically after 15 minutes. Pressing the ‘House Code’ Switch again will return it to normal standby immediately.
  • Designed for surface mounting or can be fitted into certain alarm panels provided the casing is not a metallic construction which may restrict RF signals.
  • Dimensions: 88mm x 88mm x 28mm.
  • Weight: 150g.
  • Ambient Temperature Range: 0°C to 40°C.
  • 5-year guarantee.
  • Manufactured in Ireland.

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