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Ei605CRF RadioLINK Battery Optical Smoke Alarm

This product is no longer available.

The suitable replacement is the Ei650 Battery Optical Alarm.

For use in dining rooms, landings, hallways, and living rooms, the Ei605CRF Battery Optical Smoke Alarm contains a large, proven optical smoke chamber and is best for detecting slow, smouldering fires commonly produced in the home by electrical fires.

  • Battery powered with a 9V alkaline battery
  • Large capacity, proven optical sensor chamber
  • Built-in mesh screen to reduce insect and dust contamination
  • Built-in RadioLINK wireless interconnection technology
  • Connects wirelessly with all other Aico wireless interconnection products

Suitable For:

Dining Room
Living Room

Product Description

Contains an Optical Smoke Chamber

The Ei605CRF Battery Optical Smoke Alarm contains a large, proven optical smoke chamber and is best for detecting slow, smouldering fires commonly produced by electrical fires.

Built-in RadioLINK Wireless Interconnection Technology

This alarm has built-in RadioLINK wireless interconnection technology. RadioLINK uses Radio Frequency signals to link alarms together. All RadioLINK alarms and devices should be House Coded together upon install.

Battery and Lifespan

This alarm contains a 9V Alkaline battery, we recommend you replace the battery every 12 months to ensure continued protection.

Technical Specification

  • The Smoke Alarm carries the VdS mark to indicate type testing to BS EN14604: 2005
  • It will meet the requirements of Grade F as defined in BS 5839: Pt.6: 2013
  • It carries the CE mark to indicate conformance to Low Voltage and Electromagnetic Compatibility Directives
  • Optical (photoelectric) sensor with chamber and large high sensitivity photodiode. Insect resistant fine mesh screen with holes less than 0.030 inches
  • The Alarm is powered by a 9V PP3 Alkaline battery (supplied). The unit is activated when the battery is connected to the snap fit connections. The battery should be replaced every 12 months, or when the unit starts to beep every 40 seconds along with a red indicator light
  • Up to 12 units can communicate on one system – the range may be a limiting factor
  • Low battery warning signal, bleeps every 40 seconds for 30 days to indicate when replacement of the alarm is required
  • Built in sounder giving a minimum sound output of 85dB (A) at 3m. The sounders contacts are soldered directly on to the piezo disc for additional security
  • Manual integral Test/Hush button tests circuitry, sensor and horn and activates all interconnected alarms in the system. Also operates ‘Hush’ feature to silence nuisance alarms. Red LED on alarm cover will flash every 10 seconds to indicate that alarm is in ‘Hush’ mode and will automatically reset after approximately 10 minutes
  • Automatic Self-Test: Optical sensor is tested every 40 seconds and unit bleeps if a fault is detected
  • Ambient Temperature Range: 4°C to 40°C
  • Humidity Range: 0 to 90 % relative humidity
  • Dimensions: 115 x45mm
  • Weight inclusive of packaging: 200g
  • 5-year guarantee
  • Manufactured in Ireland

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