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How can the SmartLINK Gateway help with asset management?

20 January 2021

Asset management is vital, whether your housing stock consists of a couple of properties or thousands, and with this including monitoring, maintenance and scheduling with tenant safety and efficiency at the forefront, it can get a little complicated!

This is where our SmartLINK Gateway can help. We developed this groundbreaking solution with landlords, for landlords, to help with asset management in relation to Fire and Carbon Monoxide alarm systems.



Installing the SmartLINK Gateway

When installing the SmartLINK Gateway, a simple scan of the QR codes on the alarms using the SmartLINK App (available on iOS and Android) logs the model, unique serial number and manufacturing date. An installer can add details of the room and property that each alarm is fitted in to allow you to easily keep track of alarm systems in different properties. Following user feedback, we added a custom text feature to enable details and information to be added about the exact location of a particular alarm.



The Gateway, Portal and asset management

So, what happens to the information added at install and how does this aid with asset management?

The data is stored on the SmartLINK Portal where the easy-to-use dashboard displays the alarm systems by property, then broken down into each individual room.

The SmartLINK Portal has an inbuilt reporting function allowing you to easily see all alarms and accessories due for replacement by a specific date. A report can also be generated on the status of the alarms in the system, including alarm end of life events, indicating that an alarm is due for replacement.

These reports include details on the exact model number, age and location of the alarm or accessory for replacement.

The capabilities of the SmartLINK Gateway and Portal can help you with the asset management of your entire housing stock, enabling proactive planned maintenance programmes and budgets, resulting in a more efficient and solution focused approach.


by Mike Wright

Mike is our Product Development Manager and enjoys road cycling and mountain biking.