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What is Aico in the Community and CSR?

29 June 2020

My name is Jane and I live in Bangor-on-Dee, Wrexham. I am married and have two grown up girls who still live at home. My hobbies include cycling (when I can motivate myself!) and taking walks along the River Dee in my home village.


Career Background

I started working for Aico five years ago as a finance clerk, but my current job role is Community Liaison overseeing Aico in the Community, which involves forming and building relationships with charities, businesses and organisations. This role has given me the opportunity to experience, learn and recognise that our local community need support in various ways.


What is CSR?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the way in which a business manages processes while considering the social, economic and environmental impact. Aico developed their CSR programme ‘Aico in the Community’ back in 2018 and part of this initiative was to focus on supporting areas involving education, charity, building relationships with community groups, offering volunteering opportunities and working with local businesses and organisations.


How does Aico support CSR?

The aim of Aico in the Community is to be able to give something back to our communities. We strive to make a difference, create safer communities and sustainable futures.

As Patrons of the Shropshire Chamber of Commerce, we attend local networking events to encourage working with local companies providing a variety of services. Local suppliers are always given the opportunity to tender for new work and our new building tender was won by a local contractor.

We offer our Centre of Excellence facilities to local organisations and charitable trusts for them to run their own events and meetings to promote the work that they do.

As part of our aim to continually support and build relationships with local community groups and charitable organisations, we assist by offering volunteering opportunities for staff. We encourage all employees to take time out of their normal working day to volunteer within their communities. Each employee is given two days per year to take part in such activities.

We have various charities that our staff will be supporting throughout 2020 across Shropshire, through volunteering opportunities and fundraising activities. We will be focusing on areas including addiction, poverty, domestic abuse, and local youth issues.


For more information on how Aico in the Community can support you,

please give me a quick call on 01691 664100 or email me: