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What is the eco-fit range?

5 March 2021

The eco-fit range is our latest product range and is the greenest, most eco-friendly yet. This range is exclusive to our technologically advanced 3000 Series of single and Multi-Sensor alarms: minimal packaging, maximum protection.


The 3000 Series provides whole property coverage from one series and features our award-winning Heat and Carbon Monoxide Multi-Sensor. All alarms in this series contain intelligent sensors, utilise our next-generation of wireless interconnection – SmartLINK, integrating seamlessly with our innovative Gateway, and are fully backwards compatible with our other products.

Ei3016 eco-fit range


The new eco-fit range retains all of these features and benefits, the key differences are:

The eco-fit range is available as head only, meaning there are no easi-fit bases included. This is because all of our alarms fit on easi-fit bases and, unless damaged, the bases don’t need replacing.

The eco-fit range doesn’t include screw packs, as there is no need without the easi-fit bases.

There are no dust covers included.

The eco-fit range has 10 alarms per pack.


The eco-fit range contributes towards our efforts to be more sustainable and environmentally conscious. Ideal for upgrading and retrofitting, our new eco-fit range is the greener, environmentally friendly choice.

eco-fit logo

Minimal packaging, maximum protection.