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Ei411H RadioLINK Alarm Control Switch

This product has now been discontinued. The suitable replacement is the Ei450 RadioLINK Alarm Controller.

Product Description

Battery and Lifespan

The Ei411H is powered by a tamper-proof, sealed in lithium cell giving a completely wire free installation with a 10-year life. It connects wirelessly using RadioLINK interconnection technology, so once in place you will need to House Code the switch into the alarm system.

Test, Locate and Silence

The Control Switch increases the flexibility and user friendliness of the alarms by allowing the user to remotely Test, Locate and Silence alarms in the system:

Test – The alarm system
Locate – The alarm that has been activated
Silence– Any nuisance alarms

Recommendations for a Mixed Alarm System

Please note the Ei411H can only be used with Fire alarms, not alarms systems that contain both fire and Carbon Monoxide alarms. If you have a mixed system, we recommend using the Ei450 Alarm Controller.

Technical Specifications

  • For use with 140RC when using an Ei168Rc RadioLINK base, 160e when using and Ei100MRF RadioLINK + module, Ei3000 series when using an EI3000MRF SmartLINK module or any RadioLINK enabled CO alarms.
  • Powered by an FDK Lithium battery capable of exceeding 10 years in normal use. Operating the battery switch on the rear of the unit activates the battery.
  • Red LED on the unit will fail to illuminate (and alarms will fail to respond) when any of the buttons are pressed to indicate that the battery is depleted. The complete unit should be replaced.
  • Radio frequency: 868 MHz band in accordance with R&TTE Directive 1999/5/EC
  • If the alarm system is triggered, the relevant indicating LED on the front of the switch will start to flash (twice per second for a period of 2 minutes after the alarm has stopped). After the 2-minute period the indicating LED will flash once every 40 seconds for 24 hours and will then automatically reset.
  • The unit incorporates 3 switches marked ‘Locate Alarm’, ‘Test Alarm’, and ‘Silence Alarm’. These offer control features.
  • ‘Locate Alarm’ (units in alarm) – This feature allows the user to identify which unit is causing the alarm when all the units in the property are sounding. Press the ‘Locate Alarm’ switch and the alarms will stop sounding except for the one that initiated the signal.
  • ‘Locate Alarm Memory’ (unit previously in alarm) – The alarm/s that had previously triggered is held in the switch’s memory. Pressing the ‘Locate Alarm’ switch will cause the relevant indicating light to flash to indicate if it was a fire or CO alarm and the actual alarm/s that previously triggered will sound briefly.
  • ‘Test Alarm’ – Pressing the ‘Test Alarm’ switch causes all alarms in the system to operate. This allows testing of the entire system without having to reach up to the alarm/s and is a full and complete test of the alarm/s ability to operate in a fire or CO situation.
  • ‘Silence Alarm’ – Momentarily pressing the ‘Silence Alarm’ switch allows remote silencing of false alarms. The feature will automatically reset after 10 minutes.
  • Units are supplied in factory code when received (they will communicate with all other RadioLINK models also in factory code). They must be ‘House Coded’ so that they will then only communicate with other units ‘House Coded’ at the same time.
  • ‘House Coding’ – With the Ei411H fitted in its final position, press the ‘House Code’ switch on the back of the unit and watch for the red LED to illuminate through the outer cover (under the ‘Test Alarm’ switch) then release the switch. The red LED will then flash to indicate the number of units it is coded with.
  • Put each alarm in the system into ‘House Code’ mode by following the instructions supplied with the product. The Ei412 will transmit its own code to all other units in range and will return to standby automatically after 30 minutes. Alternatively, press the ‘House Code’ switch to return it to standby immediately. Note: the red light flashes on the Ei411H indicate the number of alarms in the system.
  • A RadioLINK Manual Call Point, Ei407, Repeater base, Ei420, Switched Input Module, Ei408, and a Remote Relay Module, Ei428 are also available for use in the system.
  • Overall dimensions: 88mm x 88mm x 42mm deep – including mounting box supplied.
  • Weight inclusive of packaging: 224g.
  • 5 year guarantee.

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