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160e Fire Alarm Series – The Next Step In Alarm Evolution

The new 160e Alarm Series is built on the same high quality, reliable and proven technology as our previous models, but brings with it a whole raft of enhancements to increase performance. The mains powered range of alarms contain a 10 year rechargeable Lithium cell back up and have an improved design and sensors.


  • provides higher protection
  • easy to install
  • increased resistance to false alarms
  • compatible with RadioLINK+ technology for simple expansion of systems
  • improved ergonomics
  • clean, modern design
  • future-proofed
  • provides whole system data extraction with RadioLINK module
  • fully compatible with existing Aico systems


Easier Installation


Our easi-fit base has been proven to give quick, reliable installation. With the 160e Series we’ve made it even better.

  • More screw holes
  • Bigger terminals
  • Aligns with previous installations
  • Clearly labelled wiring terminal
  • Removable pull-out trunking


If you would like to know more about our easi-fit base system visit our dedicated page.


Improved Performance


The sensors inside the 160e Alarm series have been improved to provide even better detection.

The Optical Smoke Alarm, Ei166e has a new sensor chamber to give better resistance to false alarms. Developed from the proven optical chamber in our flagship Multi-Sensor alarm, the sensor is now cylindrical in shape and features a bonded protective mesh that encapsulates the whole sensor to keep out potential contaminates such as dust and insects whilst still allowing the free flow of smoke.


The Heat Alarm, Ei164e has a new thermistor giving a faster alarm response when the trigger temperature of 58ºC is reached.

All the 160e Series alarms feature our proven Panasonic rechargeable Lithium cell, which provide tamper-proof and maintenance free back-up for the whole 10 year life of the alarm – offering the best value for money. Since introducing Panasonic rechargeable cells in our 160RC Series alarms in 1999, we’ve never had a failure.


Modern Design


Totally redesigned to be more compact and incorporate new technology, providing an increase in performance, the 160e Alarm Series is up to 18% slimmer compared to the older 160RC Series.

This new slimline modern design allows the alarms to be less obtrusive into the room, whilst maintaining the same easi-fit footprint, meaning it’s simple to upgrade from the 160RC or 140RC Series alarms with no re-decorating costs.

The clean sleek looking design of the alarms lends itself to suiting the most modern properties and complements the latest Aico accessories such as the Alarm Controller Ei450, the Fire/CO Alarm Interface Ei414 and the Carbon Monoxide Alarm Ei208WRF.


RadioLINK+ Wireless Interconnection Technology


The 160e Alarm Series can be wirelessly interconnected with other RadioLINK and RadioLINK+ alarms and accessories via a plug in module. The Ei100MRF just slots into the alarm head and is automatically activated ready to be interconnected or ‘House Coded’ with the rest of the system.

RadioLINK+ has made it even easier to interconnect alarms. New design features and functions have been brought in such as, easier to access to the ‘House Code’ slot used to set up the alarm system and remote ‘House coding’ so access to all the alarms within a system is no longer required.