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SmartLINK – The next generation of Radio Frequency Wireless Interconnection

With the introduction of the 3000 Series we have also advanced our award-winning Radio Frequency (RF) Wireless Interconnection and Data Monitoring technology.

We’ve made it smarter, easier and future-proof. We’ve taken our renowned RadioLINK+ technology and added a new range of functions and features.


Wireless Interconnection


The new SmartLINK technology still provides the same proven wireless interconnection technology as RadioLINK and RadioLINK+, using Radio Frequency signals and is completely compatible with both existing systems.

  • No need for tricky cable runs, alarms interconnect using Radio Frequency signals
  • When one alarm is triggered, all others sound for audibility throughout the property
  • Expand existing systems easily by adding in SmartLINK technology
  • Achieve remote whole-system data monitoring and extraction when access is not possible


To add SmartLINK technology to your system, simply plug the Ei3000MRF SmartLINK module into any 3000 Series alarm head.


House Coding


To ensure all the alarms in your system sound when one is triggered, they must be House Coded together. When House Coded, the alarms will learn each other as a system to ensure secure interconnection and no cross-signals with any neighbouring systems. We’ve made House Coding as simple as possible to reduce time at install, whilst keeping it secure and reliable. For more information, visit our House Coding technical support page, or watch our how-to video.


Remote House Coding


Want to expand a system with extra alarms for increased coverage? Not only do you no longer have the disruption of running new interconnect cable, you now also save time at install as we’ve made House Coding new alarms to an existing system even quicker and easier.


Coming Soon…


SmartLINK will soon enable real-time configurable notifications of alarm activations and events via a Gateway and Portal system. This will allow real-time notifications via email or text as well as full visibility of your connected SmartLINK systems. Due to the depth of detail this will provide, reporting tools will enable you to forecast alarm replacement and maintenance requirements.