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The Aico TV Channel will serve up an entertaining and informative mix of news, views, panel-style debates, expert advice and analysis

Aico TV – Episode 11

Uploaded: 20 May, 202101:31:35

Welcome to Episode 11 of Aico TV. We begin the episode with Regional Specification Manager Alex Parker and special guest Paul Meadows, Director of Salus Approved Inspectors. Alex and Paul discuss the changes in building control over the last 15 years and how Salus work to support their clients. Next, Will Lloyd, Technical Manager from the Fire Industry Association, returns to the studio alongside Andy Speake and Paul Cartwright; together, they explore the change in industry standards, working groups and best practice. Lastly, we revisit our CIH Ideas Lab with Regional Specification Manager, Tony Boyle, to examine the Scottish Standards.

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