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Aico’s ‘Test it Tuesday’ campaign encourages alarm testing

18 December 2018

 Aico Ltd., the market leader in residential Fire and Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarms in the UK, has launched the ‘Test it Tuesday’ campaign to encourage people to test their alarms weekly.  A short, attention catching video is at the heart of the campaign which has been shared across social media platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Smoke and CO Alarms need very little maintenance and most now last for ten years.  The one thing that it is vital to do with an alarm is to regularly test it to make sure it’s working.  A simple press of the test button on the alarm will show you instantly and could save lives.

Neal Hooper, Managing Director of Aico, comments on Aico’s new ‘Test it Tuesday’ campaign: “We produce quality Smoke and CO Alarms, but no matter what brand of alarm you have it’s important to test them.  ‘Test it Tuesday’ is an easy to remember phrase and the upbeat, concise video really drives the message home: test your alarms every week to ensure all components of the alarm are working.”